How Original Engines Co used Innovation to Solve the Risk of Engine Transportation

Logistics and transportation in our industry can be challenging, we recognise that damage to freight is a risk for most businesses and especially those transporting heavy and fragile items across the country. Damaged products due to unreliable shipping methods can cause frustrations for automotive workshops and the customer, as well as lost profits and productivity. We recognise this risk to automotive workshops and have implemented the use of transportation tubs to ensure the safe and secure delivery of remanufactured engines.

Original Engines Co have formed a strong partnership with US based company Endural, who produce custom made engine shipping cases that secures and protects new engines for shipping around Australia.

These cases are built to stand up to rugged handling conditions and are designed to give Service Managers and Technicians peace of mind knowing that the customer’s engine will be delivered safely and intact.  These custom containers are made from high density polyethylene and that means they are perfect for Australia’s tough conditions and are impervious to oils, most chemicals, rot, solvents and temperature extremes.  They have been designed specifically to fit and secure, with custom inserts, the Ford Puma Engine and the Panther 2.0ltr engine.

“We have formed an amazing partnership with Endural, who have developed a great product! The dealerships that we work with really appreciate the extra care we go to.” said Original Engines Co’s Managing Director. “We aim to ensure that our engines are delivered safely, securely and within 2 days of the order being received. To do this, we don’t compromise on service and we partner with the best logistic companies and suppliers in the business.”

These custom engine cases in partnership with Endural are another reason why Original Engines Co is proudly a leading and trusted engine remanufacturer in Australia. To learn more about Original Engines Co head to our blog.

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