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New Auxiliary Gear Locking Tool

Original Engines Co are proud to announce our Auxiliary Gear Locking Tool.

Our new Auxiliary Gear Locking Tool is currently available for the Ford Puma Engine 2.2L – 3.2L applications (but will expand to other engine applications in the near future).

By utilising the Original Engines Co Auxiliary Gear Locking Tool, you will drastically reduce the amount of time required upon vehicle reassembly in the workshop, as it gives you:

  • Easy Installation of Injector Pump
  • Removes the need for a technician to fit the original internal Gear Holder
  • Locks the Auxiliary Gear which reduces the risk of upsetting the Set Valve

Check out the below video to learn more.

Want to place an order on your own Auxiliary Gear Locking Tool? Fill out the below form and we will get in touch:

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