1. ORIGINAL ENGINES CO trading is an organisation that is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). A copy of the Australian Privacy Principles is available for your perusal at our premises or you may obtain a copy from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at

2. Original Engines Co collects and holds the following types of personal information: Names and addresses of customers, email addresses, dates of birth, telephone and mobile numbers, engine details, bank account details, photographs, videos.

3. Original Engines Co  ollects personal information directly from individuals or from list purchases, competitions, referrals from individuals or other entities, online sales and enquiries.

4. Personal information held by Original Engines Co  is stored onsite on the company’s own servers, with a third party data storage provider, or is combined or linked to other information held about an individual.

5. Your personal information may be used or disclosed in order to verify your identity, provide our services, administer and manage our services including charging, billing and collecting debts, marketing our products and services, provide information to our finance and insurance providers, provide you with warranty information.

6. Original Engines Co  contracts out services to a third party that carries out work that cannot be performed by Original Engines Co  at our premises. Personal information that might be given to these companies includes names and contact details for the purpose of mailing services, billing and debt recovery, market research etc.

7. Original Engines Co  may disclose your personal information to some overseas recipients such as vehicle manufacturers, our mailing service provider or suppliers for warranty purposes, in Australia and New Zealand. Personal information that might be given to such companies includes names and contact details.

8. You have a right to access personal information held about you subject to some exceptions allowed by law. If you would like to access the personal information that Original Engines Co  holds about you, please contact

9. Original Engines Co  takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that the personal information we collect, use and disclose is accurate, complete and up to date. Please contact to let us know if there are any errors in your personal information or if you need to update personal information such as your contact details.

10. If you would like to make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, you should write to to lodge your complaint and your complaint will be dealt with within 30 days. If you have any concerns about the way your complaint is being handled, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at by email at or telephone on 1300 363 992.

11. If you would like further information about the way Original Engines Co  manages personal information then please contact