Original Engines Co Offers A Full Range of Engine Remanufacturing Services

Original Engines Co Offers A Full Range of Engine Remanufacturing Services

With over three decades of engine remanufacturing experience, Melbourne based Original Engines Co has established itself as an industry leader and the go-to remanufacturing support service for OEM’s and dealership networks such as Ford and Mazda. 

With an unrivaled depth of knowledge, experience and technology; Original Engines Co are passionate about remanufacturing, repairing and restoring quality engines and are proud to provide an engine exchange service for the Mazda BT50 and Ford Puma engines:

Engine Dismantling & Fault Analysis

Original Engines Co’s remanufacture process begins with diagnosing and analysing the cause of the engine failure. This critical process enables our team to determine the true nature of the failure and produce an accurate fault failure report and solution back to dealerships.

Cylinder Head Machining

Full range of cylinder head services including cylinder head machining, overhauling and assembly. Our services include a comprehensive inspection of all related components such as valves, valve guides, valve springs, valve heights and many other important areas to ensure superior cylinder head functionality. 

Crack Detection

With a state-of-the-art Lectro Flux crack detecting unit this allows testing and the detection of defects in engine blocks, crankshafts, conrods and ancillary parts. Testing 100% of components used within remanufactured engines ensures strict quality standards are met and that our Engines perform when delivered back to dealerships. 

Crankshaft Finishing

Utilising advanced technology with our inhouse AMC Precision Machine, our highly skilled team is able to accurately grind crankshaft bearing journals, set the correct crankshaft strokes and extend stroke machining. 

We meticulously set and correct the phase angles of crankpins to ensure all pistons are working in tune to achieve optimum performance. Each job is complete with linishing and micro-polishing to ensure maximum bearing life and longevity.

Connecting Rod Remanufacture

Utilising our Sunnen CH-100 machine our team is able to provide a full range of connecting rod remanufacture services and are able to accurately line bore and hone to any desired specifications. 

Cylinder Bore Machining

Specialising in cylinder sleeve fitment and machining our team uses a specialised Comec ACF200 CNC machine for the process of cylinder boring. This accurate and high-quality unit enables our highly skilled team to bore the cylinders and “surface machine” the block face on a single set up. 

CNC Machining

Our modern CNC machining services uses the latest technology available to produce high quality products. With a Haas CNC VF5 Machining Centre, CAD/CAM design programs for modelling components and Surfcam for programming cutter paths. Our team is able to tailor our equipment to modify or complete jobs quickly and accurately.

Engine Assembly

Our team finishes the project with attention to detail and a fully documented build sheet that covers the parts used, and engine settings (clearances, compression ratios and camshaft timing). To enable fast installation, we provide fully itemised documentation back to dealerships to assist with ancillary set ups.

“We are specialist and professionals and we strive to provide dealerships with a product and service that will exceed their expectations. We have developed custom engine shipping tubs to fully protect the engines when they are shipped across the country. This is all part of our drive to be the best in the business.” Says Original Engines Co Managing Director, Colin Doherty. 

Original Engines Co have also recently launched their new website, which includes a brand-new exclusive dealership network portal that will improve communication with dealerships across Australia. 

“We pride our ourselves on fast service, once an engine exchange order is placed, we guarantee a 2 day turnaround for dealerships. Our new dealer online portal will streamline our services even more.  This will ultimately allow dealerships to accurately schedule jobs so they can free up bays and service more vehicles” Said Doherty.

To find out more about Original Engines Co’s service offerings contact us by calling 03 9729 9677. 


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