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4 Simple Steps To Place An Order And Return Your Faulty Used Core

Original Engines Co provide an online portal for dealerships to order a remanufactured engine exchange, and simple process for pick up and collection of the faulty engine.

Here is 4 easy steps:

  1. Dealer logs on to website and completes the exchange form. An automated ‘Engine Exchange Request’ email is sent to Original Engines Co.
  2. An Exchange Engine is freighted to the Dealership.
  3. The Dealership removes the new engine from the custom shipping tub and places faulty engine back into tub.

    Note, the Dealership MUST:
    • Drain the oil from the faulty engine before placing into tub. This is an Environmental Safety and WHS requirement.
    • Place ‘Auxiliary Gear Locking Tool and water outlet into tub.
      (Note: Dealers can be charged if the engine is not drained or locking tool is not returned).
  4. Notify Original Engines Co to book freight of return engine

For more information about ordering or returning used cores please get in touch with the Original Engines Co team on 03 9729 9677.

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